JCL Service Company LLC

Don't Take Chances

Don't Take Chances.

JCL offers peace of mind through Safety Services,  Risk Services and Material Coordination Services that are managed by dedicated professionals with practical knowledge gained from years of experience.

Risk Services

Our risk services team has decades of experience and a passion for the job. Proven across a variety of industries, our complete range of risk services can provide the solution you need for operational excellence, regulatory compliance, cost avoidance, risk reduction, and sustainability. From process safety management (PSM) and PSM consulting, process hazard analysis (PHA), and layer of protection analysis (LOPA), to incident investigation, formalizing standard operating procedures (SOP), addressing health, safety and environment (HSE) issues and more, we have the experience, expertise, and unrivaled commitment to succeed. Learn more.

Safety Services

Since 1997, our goal has been to provide the highest quality safety services in the industry, completing each assignment without incident. And we’ve delivered. Since the formation of JCL Safety Services, we have been successful in achieving OSHA recordable injury free projects. From turnaround safety planning, safety supervision and permit writing to confined space attendant/fire watch services, industrial hygiene monitoring, confined space rescue services and a range of other services, our safety team has the experience, expertise, and commitment to succeed. Ask how we can help you with regulatory compliance, cost avoidance, risk reduction, and overall performance improvement. Learn more.

Material Coordination Services

Clients approached JCL about their need for a better way to manage materials. We answered with an innovative technology to drive the process of managing our customers’ materials challenges. Our material coordination services team spans the horizon of experience and know-how. We customize our approach for your facility to ensure that from receiving materials to delivery, that accountability and availability is guaranteed. From bar-coding to instant inventory control, to staging and delivery, we can make your laydown yard or warehouse a tool that saves money, time, and materials. Call us for a materials assessment today. Learn More.